South Korea

South Korea


Our trip to Korea was due to see us take in Seoul and the island of Je Ju over a 10 day period at the end of our stay in KL and Asia. However as always seems the way things didn’t quite work out that way, for one we ended up coming back to live and work in KL only 5 months later and also the duration of the Korea trip was shortened unexpectedly. This was down to my previous employees lack of knowledge of the Malaysian tax system. It seemed I owed the tax office over RM19,000 (Nearly 4,000 GBP) as I had not been in the country long enough. You are required to be present in Malaysia for 182 days to be classed as a resident rather than non-resident. In 2013 I will have only done 178 days so after lots of questioning and negotiating I changed our cancelled our outward flights and re-booked for 4 days later. This meant I didn’t us as much tax (still had to pay RM5000 due to 2011) but we had to miss out on Je Ju. Luckily I was able to cancel our Seoul to Je Ju flights as well as the accommodation so it wasn’t as costly as it could have been. In hindsight, knowing we were due to come back to Malaysia so soon we would have waited and done the whole trip again at a later date.

Chris 8/10    Aida 8/10

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