However, we went to Seoul and had a great time. Our hotel was close to the infamous Gangnam area (you all know the song) and although not 5* was certainly good enough for the amount of time we would spend in there.

As we arrived fairly late we spent our first night having a walk around our area which as expected was very safe with people minding their own business as they did their late night shopping. The next day we decided to go to Everland Theme Park. Finding the bus wasn’t the easiest task and then when it did arrive it was full so we spent the whole 45 minute journey squashed at the front. I had no change which in many countries would have caused a few issues but the driver took my money and in Korean said something which I had no idea what it was. Once we arrived he took us to the office and got us our change which was very considerate of him. We had bought our ticket at the hotel for 46000 won (27 GBP) which is a great price for what you get in comparison to theme parks in the UK. They have all the ‘scary/adult’ rides unlike some places who only cater for the teenagers and kids and Aida felt the full force of one of these straight away as she spent the next 20 minutes bringing up her breakfast in the toilet. After a full morning on the fair we got to watch a performance of Madagascar 3 in Korean with English subtitles. After lunch and a few tamer rides we were heading for the exit when we came across a zoo. Not only didn’t we know there was a zoo there but we didn’t expect it to be so impressive. Many animals here which you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world and seeing bears roaming around was scary especially when they stand up and stare at you. After this there was even time to watch another show which was well worth spending an extra 30 mins for. Finding the bus back to the city was a lot easier and we got back had a McDonalds and relaxed in preparation for the next days activities.

The next day involved a full day of sightseeing, first stop the Royal Palace (Gyeongbokgung) and a little dressing up in the local dress. You can easily spent 3 hours here, it all depends on your fitness/interest and time you have. Either way, lots to do so don’t rush it. Try to be around for the changing of the guards, different to at Buckingham Palace but equally as impressive. After that we went for what we thought was to be a short stroll to see the city skyline but it turned out to be a 2 hour trek up and down the walls of the city. In the humidity it was pretty difficult but worthwhile seeing all the army soldiers on duty. Finding the bus back was not easy and we ended u waling even more aimlessly until we found the required bus.

Nami Island

The next day we spent at Nami Island, a small island a few hours away from Seoul popular we the locals on a weekend. We went on an organised trip which involved all transfers including the ferry across to the island. It is quite a quaint little place, not the best place I have ever been although as an artist Aida liked it more than me, but we did get to sample some local cuisine with our guide for lunch. Using lettuce instead of bread/tortilla for our wraps was better than expected and certainly better for your waist! Next stop was a place called Petite France which was meant to be like a french village. Again very quaint and there is plenty of good photo opportunities at both places. By the time we got back and ate we stayed in and watched a movie online as the internet speed in Korea is second to none.

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