Saturday 30th May:

An early wake up at 6am saw us at KLIA2 in plenty of time for our 10.25am flight to Manila. A 30-minute delay is part and parcel of flying with Air Asia but we were soon on our way for the 3hr 40 min flight.
A smooth flight out spent reading our books and we were at Manila in no time. Immigration at the airport proved anything but smooth though as some 21-year-old Immigration Officer tried to prove himself by asking and checking Aida’s and then my own passports. Thankfully he had no wit or humour (part and parcel of the job I think) and he didn’t get my sarcastic replies, which probably would have seen us flying straight back home. Most annoying though was that he did all this in front of all the other passengers and that Aida had already proved all the required evidence at the Philippines Embassy in KL (this was an annoying three visits as well).

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