Nurawa Eliya

Nurawa Eliya

Day 5

We headed south to the picturesque town of Nurawa Eliya, passing all the tea fields that adjourn the area. Stopping off at a tea factory on the way we got to see how tea is produced and then more importantly got to sample some along with a piece of chocolate cake.
Arriving in the village of Nurawa Eliya you could notice the drop in temperature, certainly not cold enough to be wearing the winter wear which most locals and even tourists were wearing but cool enough nonetheless. They call this place ‘Little England’ due to some of the buildings and the climate (it started raining as soon as we arrived).

There is one main street called quite appropriately ‘Main Street’ which sells lots of things that you don’t really need, as well as lots of copied clothing from North Face, Hilfiger, Hollister and Polo. After food and having walked the whole street twice we headed back to our hotel (Green Garden Hotel) for an early night comprising of watching a DVD and trying to take a shower without hot water. Not the best hotel to be honest, not quite Fawlty Towers but certainly in need of a renovation.

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