Myanmar (or Burma as the UK and US still call it) is a country which most SE Asian travellers tend to skip for the beaches of Thailand or the culture on offer in Cambodia or Vietnam.

How right or wrong are these people?? Personally I’d say, ‘it all depends on your time’. If you have only a short amount of time then maybe wait until you have more time to explore the place properly as you do need in my opinion 12-14 days to really see the whole of the country.

We went for 12 days and although we saw a great deal another week would have been great so we could have visited the beaches as well as Mandalay.

Before I mention the places we went to, I have to answer the question that many people ask. Is it safe? Well, I can honestly say that we both felt completely safe at all times (despite the news at the time saying it was not due to fighting between the locals and the small minority of Muslims in the north).

Chris 8.5/10     Aida 9/10

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