Anyway, we arrived at approx 10pm at Kuta Angel Hotel (great location) where we staying in Before and After (all the rooms have different names). A little walk for some food and a Bintang Bali beer was a good way to start the first day.
On day 2 we had a walk around Kuta checking out what was on offer. I was quite shocked and impressed to find stalls selling NRL merchandise. It was all copies but they were definately good quality and all the sponsors where up-to-date. I ended up buying 5 vests/singlets (Queensland, Cronulla, Canberra, Roosters and Melbourne), 3 polo shirts (Broncos, Bulldogs and Rabbitohs) and a pair of shorts (Penrith). As per usual you will be quoted stupid prices; Rp450,000 for each but once I’d shopped around I worked out the general last price was Rp100,000 for singlets, Rp150,000 for polos and Rp60,000 for shorts. Aida even got a Rabbitohs singlet. It isn’t just NRL gear, there is lots of AFL, NBA and EPL gear on offer as well as the usual Bintang Bali vests.

Compared to many of our other trips we didn’t need to travel around as much as Bali is quite small so its easy to do day trips and come back to central areas such as Kuta and Ubud.


Tanah Lot

The first day trip we did was on day 2 when we spent the afternoon and early evening at Tanah Lot. Its about 45 minutes away from Kuta but the traffic is not always in your favour so it can take a lot longer (especially coming back into Kuta). I had been here on my last visit but its a place Aida needed to see so we arranged to go and see the sunset. It cost us Rp350,000 ($27) for a driver to take us there, wait and then bring us back. He picked us up at around 2.15pm and we got back about 8pm so its a fair price to pay IMO. The sunset is one reason to go but there is also a market there when you get in (additional Rp30,000 each to get in $2.3). The temple is pretty impressive and depending on the tide you can walk quite far out to get your photo taken. Even though Indonesia is the most populated Muslim country in the world, Bali is predominately Hindu, so most of the temples and architecture you encounter reflects this.

Kuta has two main streets where all the nightlife/restaurants are. Depending where your hotel is, you may miss one or the other. We tended to stick to the quieter beach front area and the Sports Bar. On the way back to our hotel we decided to go into one of the many massage parlours in the area. Aida got a manicure whilst I got a 1 hour Bali Body Massage for only Rp65,000 ($5). At this price it makes you think how little people earn over here, so please give a tip as it tends to be this that they live on. The one big plus of this visit was my masseur telling me about the upcoming Baliean festival coming up later that week which would affect the last few days of our trip.


Kuta Beach

Day 3 saw Aida get her wish and we went on the beach. Now Kuta Beach is pretty big and its great for surfers but the litter is pretty poor and the one big negative I have against the place. The prices of sun beds is pretty high and unlike what I said previously about taxi drivers they do tend to try and rip you off. This led to discussions about what to do as I hate sand getting everywhere so we compromised and I agreed to sit down as long as Aida joined me in the Sports Bar at 1pm to watch the Bunnies vs Roosters NRL game. If you like surfing, Kuta Beach seems a decent place for beginners, I tried it once in Australia and didn’t get the surf bug so read my kindle whilst Aida got a neck and shoulder massage.
Senset on Kuta Beach is well worth a visit and many people flock there from about 6pm. After this experience we headed to watch the Bali Beatles who were impressive before heading home and packing for the next destination: Ubud.

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