DMZ – Demilitarized zone

DMZ – Demilitarized zone

The next day involved another organised tour, this time to DMZ. We were concerned that they wouldn’t let Aida in as there are some areas owned by the US and UN but after a few phone calls they promised us that there would be no issues. This trip is the one must do when in Seoul. The journey to DMZ is very informative about the recent history and you get to see the soldiers on duty all the way along the river as though they expect an attack from the North any minute. We did have one worry when the guard at the entrance came on checking all the passports, we were adamant that Aida would be frog marched off as a matter of national security but we were soon waved on. Seeing the tunnels is good but don’t listen to them when they say don’t take your camera. I left ours in the locker provided but many didn’t and where happily taking photos underground. Its interesting seeing the North from up top, again they say no photos but with only two guards on duty its very easy to take a few sneaky photos. Another local feed with the guide finished off an educational trip.

We went back and freshened up and then got the subway to the National War Museum and finished off a few places we hadn’t seen. Its quite easy to find your way around the city, it just needs a lot of walking which we certainly don’t mind.

The last day we had a late afternoon flight back to KL so we spent the morning at KL Tower which was 15 minute walk from our hotel. We went a little too early so it was quite misty at the top. We walked up rather than getting the escalator as most people did. The view wasn’t great due to the mist but as in many places now they had the locks at the top where lovers leave a lock for ‘love’. Not sure if it works but we didn’t leave one just took the photo. We walked back down, took a shower and then headed back to the airport for our trip to KL and just 1 day before our trip to the UK.

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