The island of Borneo isn’t actually a Country. It has 3 different Countries situated inside its border. The South is Indonesian territory and the north is Malaysian. However, situated in the Malaysian area is the sovereign state of Brunei.

The area we have been to is also know as East Malaysia with peninsular Malaysia known as West Malaysia. The Malaysian area is split into two states, Sabah to the north east and Sarawak to the south west. Both are considerably bigger than any other state in Malaysia.

Together we have travelled to Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. Kuching in Bahasa means cat, so expect to see lots of cat related themes around the city. We were here in October 2012 and really enjoyed seeing a different side of Malaysia than what you see day to day in the city. We stayed at Tune Hotel, cheap and cheerful and certainly worth the money (although I lost my key card so had to buy a new one!!). Our first stop was the Sarawak Cultural Village. It was very impressive and should be on everyone’s to do list if you visit. Venturing into the long houses and seeing how people live is good but the show they put on is mightily impressive. There are so many different tribes just in Sarawak and all were represented here. Maybe the Sarawak Rugby team could rival the New Zealand Rugby teams haka? Aida even went on stage to strut her stuff with the locals whilst I stayed firmly down below and took the photos.

From there we headed to the Orangutan Orphanage where there are opportunities to see the magnificent creatures up close and personal. You are not as close as first imagined but it is still great to watch them come in from the ‘wild’ and feed. Viewing is not guaranteed but when they know there is regular food they will make sure they are close at hand to be fed.


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