We were picked up at the airport by our guide and taken to our 2* hotel. Now this has to be the best 2* hotel I’ve ever been in, we had a pool, free wifi, room was spacious, in many other countries it would be 3* or 4*. The next two days were spent exploring the ancient city of Bagan and taking in all the history of the place. Temples and Pagodas may not be everyone’s idea of fun but these are pretty special and should be on the itinerary for anyone’s visit to Myanmar. Watching the sunset is very relaxing and somewhat humbling and it certainly made us realise how lucky we are to see all these beautiful places.

As I always do when travelling to countries where poverty is an issue I took plenty of clothes which I donated to either local families or if and where appropriate the guides, and this was the country where I left most.

Whilst in Bagan we took the opportunity to visit Mt.Papa which was nice day trip with a few stops along the way to sample other aspects of life in Myanmar. Getting to the top was difficult as it was a local festival so the queues where enormous and the occasional monkey would try to steal something from someone which made you keep on your toes.

There was little to do on the nights in Bagan as it is not a big city or town so don’t expect to be hitting any bars or clubs here. The restaurants are few and far between as well but the ones we found were OK (although some in Bagan where fairly expensive considering where you are!).

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