Philippines Visa

Philippines Visa

Same as other visas I applied for Philippines visa from Malaysia, and to make sure what documents is required I emailed to the embassy and sent message on embassy Facebook page, after 1 working day I got the list of visa requirement for Iranians. the embassy is very busy (Mostly locals-not many nationalities require to get visa on prior) and process takes 10 working days and you need to travel 3 times to the embassy if you wish to get this visa. Once to submit your document (they won’t collect money and your passport in this stage), second visit is to make payment and passport will be collected and after 3 working days you will receive passport with visa. Here is the list


Iranian nationals who are travelling to the Philippines for business and/or tourism purposes are required a visa prior to entry to the Philippines and they can apply at this Embassy. The requirements are as follows:
1. Duly accomplished and duly signed Application Form (Signed by the Applicant)
*Application form should be endorsed to a Commissioner of Oaths for non-appearing applicant
2. Letter of invitation from the person in the Philippines inviting the Iranian national (tourism purposes)/letter of invitation from the Philippine company (business purposes), if applicable,
3. Copy of two-way air ticket/flight itinerary,
4. Original and photocopy of passport,
5. Photocopy of visa in Malaysia,
6. One (1) recent colored passport-size photo, and
7. Other requirements as may be requested by the Visa Officer upon assessment of the application, such as copy of confirmed hotel booking, bank statements, school acceptance, etc.
Processing Period: Ten (10) working daysVisa Fee: RM 250

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