Japan Visa

Japan Visa

SO far obtaining the Japan visa for me was the easiest and the fastest one, after 3 working days I had a phone call from the embassy to inform me that passport is ready for collection. I’m not sure about the process in Iran and how successful are tourist cases. So if you wish to visit beautiful Japan don’t worry and just do it!

Nationals of many countries are eligible to enter Japan without a visa unless the purpose of the visit is to reside in Japan, to obtain employment or to otherwise engage in remunerative activities. Surprise surprise Iran is not in this list and it means we need to get entry visa for Japan.

I advise you to contact the Consular Section of the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan nearest you for more information and advice.

If you are applying from inside Iran please visit the Japan embassy website and under visa tab choose which kind off visa type you are looking for, all requirement is shortlisted in each section.

Iranian who are residing in Malaysia, visit the website of Japan embassy in Malaysia  and under Visa & Travel section you can find relevant information to any type of visa you wish to obtain.

You can find visa application documents for download here

Tourist (Holiday) and transit visa requirement:

  1. Original Passport
  2. One (1) Visa application form (downloadable)
  3. One (1) photo (4.5cmx4.5cm) with white background which is taken within 6 months from the visa application and must be pasted on the application form
  4. Itinerary in Japan (downloadable) and for transit purpose, copy of visa to the main destination (USA, CANADA,etc)
  5. Employment certificate (original company letter) stating your position, department in the company and length of service(using the company letterhead)
    • *if you are a sole proprietor/owner of the company, you need to submit a copy of your business registration and original company letter.
    • *For those who are not working: a self explanatory letter stating how expenses will be borne, name and relationship of person(s) accompanying (if any)
  6. Personal saving, latest current account statement, fixed deposit(original certified true copy by the bank)(need to show the applicant’s name as the account owner, account number and current balance)
  7. Copy of marriage certificate (spouse) or birth certificate (children) to show proof of relationship between the main applicant and the person(s) accompanying

*The embassy of Japan has the right to request for additional documents or call the applicant for an interview*

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